PapaDroid's Top Tips

For more and more people their mobile devices are a part of life these days.
And think of it: 
It's your music player, phone, calculator, clock, camera and gaming set 

But is it really necessary to pay 800 to a thousand euro/pound/dollar for a smartphone like the big companies want you to believe? No, ofcourse not! Like I showed you over and over again in my reviews there are much cheaper and great functioning options out there. However there is a lot of rubbish out there as well. And with such a huge number of brands it's hard to see the forrest through the trees sometimes.

This is why I created PapaDroids Top Tips. 

On these pages I will try to seperate the tech from the toys and will introduce you to the best deals of this very moment. Now please understand, this means not every phone showcased on these pages is the newest or latest model, but it's a great and properly working phone. So basically these are the personal recommendations by PapaDroid Reviews. We have made 4 different price categories so you will be able to easily find the right smartphone for your budget.

Be sure to bookmark us and visit us regularly since this page gets updated every 2 to 3 weeks, with new devices and interesting prices.  And remember folks make sure to order through our affiliate links if you appreciate the reviews and offers. It won't cost you a penny more and you support us immensly. Thanks!

Now why would I repost offers of our friends at Banggood here, you might wonder. Actually that's quite simple. On Banggood you're just left with a spec list and if you're lucky a promotional video. Here you will get PapaDroid's personal advice and coaching so you can pick the smartphone that fits you in every way. So feel free to contact me on social media or by mail if you want advice on picking the right phone for you. 

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